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Sign Repair - Prices You Can Afford

Sign Repair | Eagle 1 Sign Service - Las Vegas, NV

If your current sign isn't working properly or has been damaged, give the sign repair experts at Eagle 1 Sign Service a call. There are few things more unattractive than a business with an electric sign that buzzes on and off or is missing letters, or a non-electric sign that's bent or rusting away. We perform sign repair for all sign types in the Las Vegas, NV area. Sign repair is essential for the appeal of your business.

You may think sign repair service is too expensive, but Eagle 1 Sign Service offers professional work at a price almost any business owner can afford. We want to give your business the best chance we can to succeed. Here are some of our sign repair services:

Pressure Washing—We offer pressure washing for all non-electric signs. Pressure washing is a great option for painted or engraved signs on walls or wooden panels. This affordable service will clean the area your sign is printed or posted on.
Corrugated Plastic Sign Repair—If your corrugated plastic signing has become damaged by wind or sand abrasion, we can repair it back to mint condition. Don’t waste money replacing your corrugated plastic sign when you can simply use our sign repair. Save money and get your signs looking like new again.
Light Box Sign Repair—Many times, the backlights in box lighted signs burn out and make the sign impossible to read at night. While replacing the light source is a relatively simple process, box signs are usually perched high above street level, making them hard to reach. We have all the right equipment, including cherry pickers, to easily access and repair box signs.

Let Eagle 1 Sign Service repair your existing signs today!